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Our Brands

Sunstone Welders Branding

Over the past ten years, Sunstone’s product offerings have increased significantly from its original core welders. To efficiently manage these products, separate brands have been created and we’ve also partnered with companies to offer products not currently made by Sunstone. Below is information on these brands.


Orion started as a line of Pulse Arc or Micro Tig welders. Over the years, and as our client base expanded, additional products became available within the Orion brand. Today it includes Pulse Arc welders, Laser welders, Laser engravers, and cutters. Orion products have become invaluable additions to industries including aerospace, automotive, mold and die, medical device, and research and development. Additionally, it continues to be the most sought-after brand in the jewelry and dental industries.


Nippon Avionics, or Avio for short, has given Sunstone the ability to offer a variety of Industrial application products, including Linear DC Power Supplies, HF Inverters, Hybrid welders, Parallel and Opposed Weld Heads, Hot Bar Reflow Systems, Ultra Sonic, Seam Sealers, and various other items. Sunstone provides any Industrial product for all Industrial applications.

PW Resistance Welding

To fit the needs of our clients, Sunstone offers lower powered AC welders through our partnership with PW. Available in 2.2kVA and 5kVA power potentials, these resistance welders allow for detailed work in any Industrial setting.

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