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SEIT Induction Systems

Induction System Solutions

The Platinum Solution for Brazing, Tinning, Hardening, and Reflow

Shorten production times and improve efficiencies with a Platinum HF Induction System!

When your production process includes brazing, tinning, hardening, or reflow, an induction system from Sunstone is a must. Platinum HF Induction Systems are high-frequency induction generators, suitable for electronics, healthcare, eyewear, HVAC, refrigeration, and more. Platinum HF Induction Systems are ideal for fast and controlled heating processes, such as annealing and hardening. Plus, the Platinum line is ready for manual or automated production floors.

The Platinum HF digital touchscreen interface is easy to learn, simple to use!

A vibrant, seven-inch touchscreen display makes it easy to find and control every function. You can create and save weld settings, access heating profiles for faster setup, and connect the Platinum to an automated system with its USB port. Real-time diagnostics and a multi-lingual interface creates a positive induction experience for every operator.

Request a demonstration today!

Your Sunstone welding consultant is happy to show you a Platinum HF in action. Call or text +1 801-658-0015

Induction System Datasheet

Benefits of Induction Systems

Quick, Efficient Heat

You’ll be impressed by how fast a Platinum induction system can heat. New hardware and software improvements have boosted performance by 20%!

Precision Over and Over Again

The Platinum HF’s digital software delivers a ultra-precise energy control, which can be saved and repeated over and over again with the same successful results!

Automation Ready

With the Platinum HF, integration into your production floor has never been easier.

Touchscreen Easy

With a brilliant touchscreen interface, control over all aspects of the heat process is completed with a touch of your finger!

Lean and Green

With a Platinum HF in your shop you’ll save money on consumables and reduce your shop’s ecological footprint. That’s a big win-win!

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