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Safety Concerns


Orion Safety

Will My Orion Shock Me?

One of the most common questions is whether the Orion Welding Systems will shock, or electrocute a person. With high energy output very close to your fingers this is a valid concern. The Orion welding systems are specifically designed to only create an Arc on highly conductive parts. The human body is not a great conductor in comparison to many metals. The Orion will not shock, or weld you or your fingers. Orion has done extensive testing to ensure your safety when welding with the Orion Welding Systems.

Electrical Safety Warning

What is the biggest safety concern with the Orion?

The Orion Welding Systems are very safe to use, however, there are a few things to look out for. The main concern is to protect your eyes from the arc of the weld. If you are using the Microscope or Darkening Lens that came with your Orion, you are protected. If you are welding outside of the provided optics, then please protect your eyes and do not look directly into the arc.

Another safety concern is the electrode tip. In order to get optimal welding performance, the electrode will need to be kept sharp. This point is in the open, and can easily poke or stab anything that comes in contact. One easy way to prevent an unwelcome stick from the electrode is to make a simple cover. This can easily be accomplished by using a plastic cylinder or Packaging foam of the same diameter as the stylus. You can also ensure that the electrode is moved inside the Nose Cone, when not in use.

One of the most common safety concerns is burning your fingers. When using the Orion, your fingers will be very close to the molten weld pool. This heat can transfer to your fingers, and cause a burn. The best way to avoid this is to start small on your power and build up to the optimal setting. This will prevent you from being surprised by too powerful of a weld. Another tip is to hold the alligator clip that is attached to your piece. This can be helpful when the piece is heating up slowly and getting too hot to hold. At the base of the alligator clip is a finger grip, use this to avoid the uncomfortable heat. You can also dip your pieces in water to cool them, and then resume working.

Is It Okay To Look At The Weld Arc?

No. You should never deliberately look at the welding arc, this will burn your eyes, and cause irreparable damage. However, if someone is in the room and notices the arc, and looks over, it will not cause major damage. Reasonable measures should be taken to shield the arc from viewing outside the welding arc. These measures may include, placing the machine in a corner, to limit viewing angles. or creating taller walls on your bench to limit viewing outside of welding scope. Damage is only caused by repeated viewing of the direct welding arc, not the blue light that is cast on the walls or ceiling. Alerting others that may be exposed to the welding light, to not look directly at the welding arc, is best practice.

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