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Understanding Agitation

What is Agitation?

Agitation is peaks of energy added & removed from the downslope of the welding current. These peaks add both heat and intensity to the weld. This agitation of the weld current shapes the weld stream and focuses or diffuses the stream of flowing electrons.

What Are The Agitation Options?

Agitation Sloped

Sloped Agitation

The Sloped agitation option offers low levels of agitation. It has minimal impact on spot size formation, but yields additional penetration and enhanced weld strength.

Sustained Agitation

The Sustained option offers high levels of agitation for improved weld spot strength in some metals. The high levels of agitation energy will affect the spot size because of the extra energy used in this option. To compensate for this addition of agitation energy, it’s recommended to lower the overall weld energy slightly to maintain the same melt spot size.

Negative Agitation

Negative Agitation works similar to sloped agitation, but the peaks of energy are removed rather than added. This works in reverse of other agitation options in that it makes a smaller spot, and de-focuses the weld arc.


Why Is Agitation Important?

Welding Porosity


Removes Porosity

Agitation removes porosity or air bubbles in the weld joint. The Vibration and force of the agitation press these air bubbles to the surface of the molten pool as it is cooling. Negative Agitation is especially useful in removing porosity.


Deeper Weld Penetration

Agitation adds additional energy into the weld which in turn adds additional heat to the weld site. This extra heat from the agitation gives the weld more penetration or depth, with the same energy settings.


Agitation Gap Weld


Helps Close Larger Gaps

Agitation is useful when trying to weld a large gap. The added energy from the agitation helps to bridge more massive gaps that standard welds will not. Closing Gaps is an area where Pulse Arc welding is better than Laser. Pulse Arc welding naturally pulls gaps or holes together, rather than melt the edges as you weld across them.

Where is Agitation Useful & Where Would You use it?

Stainless Steel



Cobalt Chrome




Which Welders Have Agitation as an Option?

Agitation, as discussed above, is a feature in our Pulse Arc or Micro TIG Welding Systems. These are all Orion Welding Systems. The only Pulse Arc welding system with no Agitation options is the mPulse welding system.

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